Analytical and Synthetic Movement

pexels-photo-459225.jpegAnalytical and Synthetic Movement
ECS 100
Cole Gisi
University of Regina
Analytical and Synthetic Movement
This assignment is seeming to be a difficult one for me to write, this is about the third time I have tried to sit down and write it some measure of success. I am not sure if the troubles I am having are because of a lack of understanding of the assignment or I just do not know what to write, as answering questions as deep as the prompt suggests are not my forte. The analytical part of this assignment asks me to examine the previous pieces I have written concerning past, present and future. It is hard for me to unpackage these things because I just have no idea what the future is going to hold. All I know is that my past experiences and circumstances have put me in my present situation of trying to attain my bachelor of education degree. My present attendance at this institution is in turn molding my future and will hopefully be successful in placing me in the future that I want after this four-year program. The present is not what I had expected when I was looking at it as my future before coming here in early August. In simple words, college is not what I thought it would be at all. In all honesty I do not like it here at all, I find the class boring and irrelevant to becoming a teacher aside from my filed placement. Someone teaching high school English and physical education will never half to explain even a quarter of the content I have learned here to a class room under any circumstance. It seems that at least a majority of students and professors are far left-wing liberals and I lean hard right. For my views which do not include any racists thought or prejudices as people think I do, I been looked at in a weird light and people wonder how I could become a teacher? I find this odd as I share the same passion and enthusiasm as every other person enrolled in education here. Does being pro gun and pro life make me a bad teacher? I would not think so, for the simple fact that as a teacher you do not tell your political and policy views to your students, instead provoke discussion based with facts and let them decide for themselves. This in short was my little rant of some of the negatives associated with college and the education field (which I still love and will finish). The positives of college and the present are very important to fully developing as an individual and as a professional in the field of education. College for most students including myself, is the first time living away from home and being responsible entirely for your own life. This freedom, linked with responsibility allows one to explore interests and opportunities not available before and the chance to become your own person. For me, I now spend more time in the gym, quit chewing tobacco and try devoting more time to my interest and hobbies such as reading and becoming a better football and basketball coach. I think this time by myself figuring my life out has allowed me to become a man and a more capable person and hopefully a successful teacher some day. On to another subject and train of thought, I think lots about the present and its purpose and impact of my life. I know that although I do not like the classes in university, I am learning and pay better attention to detail and am becoming a better writer. Although I am not resistant to learning or am trying to skate by, I think I view school differently than many people in my same situation. I do not see it as a great adventure full of fun, learning and life lessons, but instead as a hoop I must jump through to attain my future. I view university as a place that you must work through to get a piece of paper that says you can do your passion with effect. Of course, it makes you more professional and yes some assignments helps you better understand how to teach with dignity and effect but it is more limited then I though it would be. I am not sure what most people writing this assignment will say the significance of it is, but for me it is almost motivation. I know what and where I want to end up and this is an obstacle standing in my way that I must learn from and defeat. Even writing this I am more determined to learn what I have to, to become excellent and efficient at my craft. It will be a process and will have some ups and downs, but I am confident I have chose the right path for myself. I hope to read this paper with happiness as a teacher in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan coaching senior football and basketball with successes sometime in the future.

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