ECS 100
Progressive Essay
University of Regina
Cole Gisi

Looking into the future of my teaching career and life is difficult for me, as I have a much easier time reflecting on what has already passed. I have hopes and desires for the future, but I have learned that it is almost impossible to see what is going to happen. As a student going through school, recently I have noticed a shift in how it is taught and the tools used. Technology is becoming bigger then ever before, as most students and teacher have become dependant on computers and tablets for marking and the completion of assignments. I think that when I am a teacher, technology will be even further developed and a part of school. I am not sure how I feel about this because I have a bit of an old fashion view, were as I do not like to see technology especially cell phones in the class room. I believe that things such as the internet do increase knowledge and are a great help in the classroom. But to me things such as cellphones, iPods and tablets are a huge distraction and have no place in the classroom. I hope when I am teaching I can find a happy medium to harness technology in a positive educational way but at the same time limit distractions. Another change I hope to see in the future, is more physical education time in schools. As Phys Ed is my passion along with sports, it bothered me that there is less and less of it in high school. I hope that I can somehow have a positive impact on changing school policy and allocating more time for Phys Ed for all age groups. To me, children seem to be lacking activity and physical education is just as important as math and English, therefore it needs a bigger presence in schools. Something else I have been thinking about recently and hope to see in my future classroom and schools is the reintroduction of field trips. As important as formal education is, there is something to be said about learning from different experiences and hands on education. I was said to see all field trips disappear from my high school with the exception of the outdoor education class. I learned many things on field trips that sitting in a classroom simply can not teach. Schools have taken out all out of school experiences in favour of more classroom time to improve education. I believe they have done the opposite in taking those experiences from kids who may not get to do certain activities in their free time. I hope that as a becoming teacher and one in the future I can help convince my school to have more leeway on field trips to give their students a better overall experience in the school system. As education is constantly changing it is no lie that it will be different even four short years away then it is right now. This being said I think one of the best assets a teacher can have is adaptability and creativity to deal with all the new changes without compromising education.


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