pexels-photo-917472.jpegECS 100
Regressive Movement
Cole Gisi
University of Regina

I have had many different experiences and emotions connected to them throughout my education career. These include moving to a new school, playing sports for my high school, enjoying my outdoor education class, forming friendships and receiving awards due to academic and athletic excellence. My experience in my education career has been very positive thus far, I can remember many moments that I felt great about what was happening in my school and what I was personally achieving. One of my fondest memories in school that made me feel awesome about being a student and laid the groundwork to academic success and eventually wanting to become a teacher was in grade six at the end of the year our school gives out academic awards valued at bronze, sliver and gold for the highest. At that time, I did not see myself as one of the best students in my grade and certainly not worthy of a gold medal. At the awards day low and behold I was presented with a gold medal for academic excellence. At this moment in time, I felt great pride and believed I could accomplish many things. As a young student, getting an award to acknowledge your accomplishments is a big deal. After this, all I wanted to do was create the same result, so I could have the same feeling of pride and excitement receiving a medal for my achievements. I noticed instantly that I took more time and effort with things in the attempt that I would also excel in other facets of my life. I spent a lot more time studying for tests and preparing assignments and put in better effort at practice for the school sports I was playing. I started to try and lead my life by something one of my team Saskatchewan football coaches said, ‘’Show pride in everything you do.’’ If pride and effort was the key to success in school and feeling accomplished, then I was going to try my hardest to be in the best in everything. As I went through school and found out what I wanted to do, I started to think back on why I want to become a teacher. I realized it is become I want to help kids feel proud and happy with their accomplishments. I want to help people feel the same way I did and help drive them to do better and reach higher. This positive memory of doing well in school has impacted my life in a good way and has helped me continue with me education career and I hope it will continue to serve me positively in the future.

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