TV Bullies

pexels-photo-236047.jpegCole Gisi
ECS 100
Reading Response #3
University of Regina
TV Bullies
The Article I read called ‘’TV Bullies’’, focuses on how shows like the popular musical Glee and other anti bullying programs miss the mark so to speak. The way I see shows such as ‘’Glee,’’ is that they group all of the preconceived ideas of losers or outcasts in society and tries to make them accepted in their own environment. The Great things about a show like Glee, is it has all the right intentions. The creators try to drive home the fact that everyone is normal and should be accepted in their own way, which is true. However, the group that Glee assembles as their band of outcasts puts a label on those certain groups and identifies to the public that people who fall under that group, so to speak should be labeled outcasts. Apart from this article I have looked at others that discuss similar but not identical negative effects of Glee. The other article I read talked about the same thing as this one in the fact of Kurt, who plays the quarter back in Glee. As a football player and the stereo type that most do, he is supposed to be an uneducated, athletically gifted bully to people who do not play on the team. Kurt however is also interested in the activities that people of his polar opposite are interested in. Because of this he is called feminism and ‘’faggy’’ by his friends and other athletes who share his status and popularity. The idea behind this is good because it shows kids that may be interested in sports or kids who aren’t that it is ok to branch out and try new activities. You do not have to be a stereotype and like the things you friends like, you can be involved in a variety of activities athletic or not. But what Glee does, as this article and the one I read say is actually make it more intimidating for kids to branch out of their stereotype and friend group in order to try new things that they are curious about. The show makes fun of Kurt and show how much he struggles to break out of his shell and join Glee club which is viewed as the group of ‘’losers’’ in the school. Another thing I would like to discuss from the weekly reading is the ‘’boys will be boys’’ mentality of Glee. Glee is located in small town Ohio and I cannot agree with what they show what goes on in small towns as I am from one myself. In Glee it encourages boy’s unacceptable behaviour as normal and legitimizes it by saying, ‘’boys will be boys’’. Sports such as football, which plays a big role and is highly promoted in Glee and is the love of my life, is shown in a very negative light. In football the ‘’boys will be boys’’ method of behaviour is not acceptable for every single coach I know. If someone’s behaviour was the same way that the football players act in Glee, they would not be playing. Any sane coach would cut them immediately. This being said, some players on certain athletic teams are bullies to kids and it is not right, and they should be removed from such teams. But Glee labeling football players as homophobes and bullies is unfair. The one thing I wish Glee would have showed and did not was that people who participate in high school sports are usually popular and well liked. This being said, instead of bulling kids with less friends and power, they should be supporting them and preventing bulling. This would be the mark of a true leader. Raising people up, not putting them down.

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