Canadian Bridges and Barriers to inclusion in schools

pexels-photo-459203.jpegCole Gisi

ECS 100

University of Regina

Reading Response #4

Canadian Bridges and Barriers to inclusion in schools

Canadian schools have made significant jumps to improve inclusion in schools over the last thirty years. Inclusion is not a cut and dry topic as it includes many different issues that can affect a student’s chance at academic excellence. In recent years educators and the people responsible for schools and their services have finally realized that no two students are the same and neither are their needs. If a child has a limitation and cannot get to their class how are they supposed to have the same opportunity as everyone else. The progress in some cases has been shown as recently some older schools have been getting wheelchair accessible ramps and elevators. This allows kids the move through the building without any problems so they can make full use of all of the services provided. One of the things that the reading brought up and I am very impressed with is schools abilities to have an adapted curriculum for children with special needs. It was not too long ago that we did not have teacher with specialized training for things like this and some students were left out and not included. Now that we teachers that have the right training and know how to teach these classes all children are receiving a quality education and not being left behind because of a lack or resources. The attitude and atmosphere of schools has always changed and I believe that this is one of the big reasons that schools are a lot more inclusive and there are accommodations available for everyone that needs them. I do not know what the attitude towards peoples with learning and physical disabilities was, but I am willing to bet that it is a lot more positive and inclusive today. Now that we have teacher’s who are willing and able to modify a game or a lesson plan to include someone who might have trouble it is erasing many of the barriers we previously had. I had a family friend tell me what when he went to school in the mid seventies to mid eighties, school was very difficult if you were not considered ‘’normal’’. Anyone with a mental or physical disability had a very hard time accessing the facility and the classroom material itself as they just taught the same thing to everyone regardless of ability. I do not find this hard to believe because there was not the research or resources available at the time and some teachers just did not know how to teach a different curriculum. I fell like this would have isolated children and made they feel inferior if they could not keep up to the norms or in some cases even get up stairs. I this is so important is because of how social schools are, my teacher in my placement told me that teaching is 80% relationships and 20% content and I could not agree more. If a child has problems building relationships because of an obstacle they face, it makes school and the willingness to be there that much harder. If all schools had no obstacles and everyone was included and taken care of, we would have an amazing school system that allows young men and women to reach their full potential.



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