ECS 200
Cole Gisi
September 17, 2018
Aline Wilke
Blog Post
In response to the articles we read I would like to discuss the one posted on UR courses as it resonated with me and I learned something from it and still have questions. Very early in the article it talks about how most students know they will pass and excel if they do the assignments they are given, then it asks the question is this enough to guarantee success? This made me think about when I was in high school and how easy it was to have high marks by just working hard and doing your assignments. But I have noticed in university it is a completely different process with assignments like the one I am doing. It is not memorizing information but yet taking it in, thinking about it and forming connections. I noticed in my first year that I was not very well prepared for this kind of learning. I think that high school does a good job distributing information but not helping students learn that information and be able to think about it critically. The other major point I would like to discuss is opportunity trumping talent and effort, this article drove home the point that sometimes talent and hard work are not enough to overcome issues or circumstances in a person’s life that could hinder their ability to get an opportunity to showcase their talents. Socioeconomic statues or even racism and prejudice can sometimes limit a student’s ability to preform well in school or just stop them from having the chance to move on and better themselves. The question I have and what I will try to work towards as a teacher is how to try and give every student the same opportunity to succeed in school and in life. I am not sure how it is possible to make it fair for students for many different background and circumstances so they all can enjoy success and be rewarded for the hard work they out into academics.

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