Blog post #2

Cole Gisi
ECS 200
Aline Wilkie
September 23, 2018
Blog #2
The reading this week was very interesting to me as it brought up lots of problems children have growing up and underlying issues that could be root causes in some of these problems. The few things I want to bring up are subjects that taught me a little more about concepts I was already interested in and had thoughts about. I really enjoyed the part about children maturing and how their self esteem changes as a factor of that. I never really considered how much self esteem would change with age which now seems obvious after I read it. As you get older and get involved in more activities and broaden your horizons that can play a factor both positively and negatively depending on the person and situation. Branching off that I did some reading online and it led me to a few articles and videos about how self esteem and quiet simply how a person might turn out depends a lot the activities and hobbies they have as well as their friend group and the company they keep. Something that stuck with me and a way I try to remember this is a quote by the great Ray Lewis as he said, ‘’Show me your crowd and I’ll show you your future, because they run hand in hand.’’ The other big subject I would like to discuss is how media, specifically social media and the affects it has on young people growing up. I learned through this reading that what kids witness and hear on television, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms plays a vital role in their behaviours and moral compasses. I think the old saying ‘’monkey see, monkey do’’ applies here as even in my own life I have seen the negative affects of social media on children and it can wildly effect who they are. Reading this made me think about another article I read asking the question that could many of the problems we face todays such as suicide, mental illness and anti social behaviour could be attributed to social media and the way it affects our daily lives. Personally, I think this plays a large factor in it but not all the blame as I think the reason we see an increased number of mental health cases is because we are getting ride of the negative stigma surrounding them which is great. But on the flip side I do see social media playing its part in these issues as they are a lot of what young people see, and as a society addicted to our phones we never get a break from them. The question I have been considering is were older generations less affected by metal health issues and such a large pressure to fit in and follow fads? And can we trace this to cell phone use and a constant exposure to social media through many platforms? As a future teacher I know that cell phones and technology re only going to evolve and become even more ingrained in our society and I question what role they will play in the classroom and the future of education.

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