Blog #3

Cole Gisi
ECS 200
October 1, 2018
Aline Wilkie
Blog Post #3
To start, I would like to discuss self regulated learning and the important of it and the issues that plague it in regards to school. In the text book it talks about one of the goals of teachers is to prepare students for lifelong learning, I think this is the most important lesson anyone can learn as it does not matter if you use any of the information you learned in school, as long as you have enough logical skills to get through your life. In my mind you will not use complicated math equations when you are older, but you will use problem solving skills, being able to work in groups, leadership and several other skills that are vital to success in life. The one thing I read in the textbook that I feel like children have problems with is something like Winnie and Hadwins four-phase model: analyzing the task, setting goals, designing plans, enacting strategies. With this I can see one clear problem that kids could have nowadays and that is setting goals, I have noticed in my own schools, life and experiences that goal setting and working towards them is not as prevalent as it used to be. So, for using something like this for self learning I do not think it would be as effective as it should. One of the other reasons I think people increasingly have trouble with self directed learning is people are now conditioned to quit when things get tough. As for learning I think this is an issue be because learning is not easy, especially as you get older and content gets harder. I notice with myself in human anatomy this semester as you are required to do most of your learning on your own and it is a very hard subject. Relating this back to Winnie and Hadwins model, I have trouble knowing how to set a goal for my learning and how to properly teach myself outside of the classroom. What bothers me is that I have been shown how to teach myself through many strategies, but I still have trouble doing it. My question for this week is because we are so conditioned to learn in a classroom, does it affect us as we get older and continue with life long learning and self learning?

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