ECS 200 BLOG #4

Blog #4 ECS 200
The readings this week very interesting and gave me a different look at some situations I had not really thought about before. The reading I would like to focus on is, Nourishing the Learning Spirt. The main thing that stuck out to me was regarding aboriginal people as it said, ‘’ there are few safe places for Aboriginal languages and cultures to thrive.’’ I have learned about this in my indigenous English class and it makes perfect sense how this can cause problems in the field of education. I think Saskatchewan as a whole does a good job in teaching about First Nations history and ground level basics about their culture but we do not really learn about the culture and language and get a chance to dive in and really experience it unaltered. A few things I took away from this reading is how badly residential schools effected First Nations peoples and how these limit and affect their education in the present day. I never thought of learning as a spiritual thing or its connection to their cultural customs and practices. It makes perfect sense why we have problems in regards to First Nations education because we teach through a western cultural lens and ignore spirituality and culture in classrooms. We teach effectivity but in the sense of learning outcomes and success on standardize tests. The main question I have is, how do incorporate cultural practices and spirituality in schools while still maintaining the same level of academic focus on the curriculum and subject based outcomes? Or is it better to just keep doing what we are doing and ignore different cultures and traditions in the classroom? I have wondered about this because we have evidence and statistics on what happens when we leave it as that is the way it is now. But are teachers and the province willing to take a risk, so to speak and try something different.

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