ECS 200 response #5

ECS 200
Cole Gisi
Aline Wilkie
October 22, 2018
Blog Response #5
3 things I learned – The first thing I learned and found interesting was race and cultural differences in class rooms causing conflicts and misunderstandings. I never really took this into consideration before as I do not have any experience with it has all of my teachers have looked and acted very similar to me. Now that I have read this chapter I can now see how different cultures or even different mannerisms can come off as disrespectful or arrogant, but in a different culture they are the opposite. Another thing I learned was the idea of gender roles and how they develop. I think the way our society is conditioned that we teach into gender roles and what is considered ‘’normal’’ by society. I think there is a fine line in dealing with things like this. Because even in Canada which is very liberal and is open for anyone to do anything some things just by nature are still divided by male and female. This does not limit an individual by gender but the way society is, some things are easier for each gender in its own regard. The last thing that made me think was creating a multicultural classroom. With the influx of peoples are various cultures around the world coming to Canada it is worth looking at as an educator and to determine what to do to make tour class rom inclusive to all, while still maintaining educational integrity.

2 Connections I made – The first made was to my ECS 110 class when I had to give a presentation on heteronormativity. I can see how this connects with the reading this week with regards to gender roles and how it affects us as educators. What society portrays and describes as normal does not apply to all students and we need to be aware of this. There are a lot of myths of what is normal, but I have never met someone who fits society’s version of normal. My second connection is more of a though that is abstract than a concrete connection. It is just now that I have read much of this book I can see how much my school and schools I have visited are lacking in many of these ideas and concepts I have read about.

My one question is – This might be against popular opinion but I don’t think we should completely jump on board with full on multi cultural classrooms. I am not saying that different cultures should not be celebrated and accepted by there is also something special about being Canadian and I think there should be an emphasis placed on that in schools. We should not have assimilation for obvious reasons, but there needs to be a balance of both Canadian and other culture without letting go of our own culture and heritage.

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