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Cole Gisi

ECS 200

Blog Response

Why Schools are brainwashing our children?

Blog Response

This article discuses a sensitive topic in education and is controversial as both sides have very strong thoughts on the manner. As a future teacher I probably do not share the same ideas as 90% of my fellow classmates and I do not see this as a bad thing as many of them do. As far as the reading goes, I find it very inappropriate that a teacher would take her students to protest a pipeline project. First of all, those children are not old enough to form an idea about projects like that and decide if they would support them or not. Personally, I am in full support of the oil field and pipeline projects as it leads to great economic opportunity and revenue for Canada. There are many subjects such as oilfield, pipelines, hunting, guns, social justice, and many other controversial that I find education leans very far left and criticizes anyone who does not think the same way. In one of our seminars our own teacher said it is hard to avoid politics in education because it is a very political profession. But I find that myself and people who think similarly as I do are looked down on. Being conservative in Education is looked at as unprofessionally and more often then not meet with confrontation. As a teacher you are supposed to provide students with unbiased information and allow them to make up their own minds based on what they feel is right, why is it though that when it comes to teachers and administration especially at the university level you are criticized for having your own idea. I find it hard to sit through some lectures as professions speak with their bias (as most people do) but just expect that everyone has the same ideas, and god forbid if you said something your mark would plummet. I love education and would never dump my political ideas on my students but I think education as whole needs to understand that not everyone thinks the same and people have different ideas on tough topics such as gun control and how much teachers should push social justice.

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