Cole Gisi

ECS 200

History of Education in Saskatchewan


Blog Response

I found this reading interesting because it follows education in Saskatchewan through out the years and you can see where we came from and the mistakes we have learned from. One thing I never really thought of before was how much different the education was for First Nations Peoples at home versus the residential schools. At home it was learning how to live a subsistence life style and at the schools it was learning how to function in a westernized world one of which they didn’t have much exposure to. I also found it interesting how many churches were involved in residential schools. I thought it was just the catholic church but it turns out there were several others involved in running the schools. The connection I made was to the First Nation graduation rate I looked into in a research project in English class. What I saw was that we are still a long way off in terms of Aboriginal education as the graduation rate in 2017-2018 was just 45% which is still unacceptable in our modern-day education system. My question is how do we make our education system more successful for aboriginal students in Saskatchewan so we can get the graduation rate up to par?

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