Educational Leadership


Cole Gisi

November 18, 2018

Blog Response

Educational Leadership

From a few things I read I learned that supervision and evaluation is not necessarily a bad thing for younger teachers. I always figured that it was sort of a bad thing where administration would see if you were doing your job correctly or not. Now I can see how it can be used as a tool for professional development and improvement in one’s career. Another thing I found interesting is how much a principle or a seasoned teacher can impact a young teacher’s career and development. I can see how a teacher with experience could really help a new teacher as they can give them tips/tricks and even things to work on and help them build confidence. The connections I made were regarding a few young teachers that were in my high school during my last few years there. They received help from older teachers and administration during their first few years until they reached tenure. They greatly benefited from constructive criticism as they did not view it as a negative thing but a thing that would help them develop into the teachers they wanted to become. The question I have is how do administration members create an open door policy for younger teachers who are struggling and keep a positive environment without making them feel like they are not doing their job correctly as some young teachers experience?


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