Teaching and the Teaching Profession

Teachers and the teaching profession

Right off the bat, I found this reading interesting as the group of teachers had very different thoughts regarding the conference they attended. Some of them love what the speakers had to say and how great it would be to work in a division that tried to implement change in the education system. The other ones did not like it because they said they could not change it anyway and now they were behind on marking and such. I find this interesting because some teachers see hope in how they can effect change in schools and others do not think it is possible and are mad for wasting time talking about something they cannot fix. I can sort of relate this to when I was in high school because many teachers spoke about trying to change education and how it would benefit us all, and other staff members would tell them it’s a waste of time to even try. The other thing I see relating to this is university classes and professors trying to get students to be the change when they enter their own schools. Again, some students love the idea and will try and be that change, and the other students just roll their eyes and ignore the idea. Some of the questions I have about this issue are, how do we get everyone on board for change? The other question, is it in the student’s best interest if we make a radical change in the education system? The last thing I want to mention about change is, it is only impossible to change if you have lots of teachers resisting it. They say the change is impossible, but that is because they are not willing to even give it a second thought.


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