ECS 210 First Blog

Cole Gisi

January 11, 2019

First ECS 210 Blog

The First thing I noticed while reading this article was how it mentioned common sense can mean different things for different people in different cultures. What’s common sense for someone living in China would not be common sense to me. When I think of this regarding an educational standpoint and becoming a teacher, it really makes me sit back and think. In our education with the way the curriculum is most kids have a basic understanding of what you are teaching, but this can be taken for granted in some areas. For example, treaty education is mandatory in classrooms but still to this day nit all teachers teach it. So, when you have a teacher that does, he or she might assume that their students have a base understanding of it and some common sense regarding the subject matter. The age-old saying, ‘’Common sense is not that common.’’ Is what is at play in an educational setting.

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