ECS Blog #2

Cole Gisi

ECS 210 Blog #2

Joy Woodard


After going over the reading, the first thing I would like to talk about is one of Tyler’s questions and how it applies to education today. He asks, ‘’ What educational purposes should the school seek to attain?’’ Now to me, this is basically asking for the curriculum, outcomes and how subject matter is going to be taught. From here I wonder about lots of things including who makes curriculum and who decides what is important for our children to learn because this essentially is the educational purpose of the school. The other idea I had when reading this article was how teachers are actually supposed to teach. From my personal experience, teachers explain something and then let you work on it, but often interject and help you through it and make it so easy that you do not really learn anything. I have always wondered if a teacher explained a lesson or task and then assigned work but left you to do it yourself. Sort of a sink or swim mentality that would sort of force you to really try hard and learn it by yourself and that way you might find your own strategies and it would be retained better.

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