ECS 210 Blog #4

Cole Gisi

ECS 210

Joy Woodard

Blog #4

Common Sense

Common sense in an educational setting is a mysteries word, as its implication and meaning are not easy to pin down. If one thinks about the words, we ask, what is common sense? Is it knowledge that is common throughout society and the average person would have at their disposal? From my own personal experiences, I have always leaned the other way in the fact that common knowledge is not that common. When I relate common sense to becoming a teacher and my future students, I can see it will play a small part. Because of the time and era, we live in, the students we teach our ever-changing. The idea of a white teacher teaching all rural white farm kids in a small town where almost everyone’s belfies are the same is just not the case anymore. This being said, having a diverse population of cultural beliefs and up bringing can affect what they see as common sense. Myself, coming from a small town in rural Saskatchewan what I see as common sense would differ from a student who was raised in China. This is the main issue with common sense and teaching, it is assuming that students already have this knowledge before hand. I think it is important, although very difficult to try and teach with a clean slate and not dumb it down in a sense but start at the very bottom and work your way up. Even if it is review for some students, it may not be for others.

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