ECS 210 Blog #5

Cole Gisi

ECS 210

Joy Woodard

Blog #5

Curriculum Development

Before – I think curriculum is developed by the ministry of education, from a collection of teachers that pool their thoughts and ideas together. I do not really have an idea of what they decide what the standards are and what is deemed important and not. I also do not have an idea of how often they upgrade and redo them because some are updated and some are very outdated such as the history 30 curricula. I think they look to more experienced teachers and administration as well as full-time academics with PhDs in education for a majority. These experienced professions have been in the involved in the game for many years and have a good idea of what a developed, competent student looks like and can adjust the curriculum from there in order for them to be as successful as they can be in life.


After – I had some things right as far as some of the people and organizations involved in the development. Such as the ministry of education and teachers and administrators from across the province having an input. As far as the updating and upgrading of the curriculum which is my biggest question it is still sort of unanswered. From what I understand they try to redo them every 20ish years it seems judging from Saskatchewan. I asked some of my former high school teachers and they think lots of things play into how often and which ones are done. They said available funds play a big part in it which I understand because it is a lot of work. I could also see society and its trends affect what gets done such as the Physical education level 10, 20 and 30 being redone in 2019. Maybe the rising childhood obesity epidemic has something to do with that. To me, something like history 30 has not changed because the content is unchanged and still relevant. Overall, it was an interesting read to get a good grasp on how the curriculum is developed and created.


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