ECS 210 Blog #6

Cole Gisi

ECS 210

Joy Woodard

Blog #6

Curriculum as Place

‘’Decolonization’’ This was the main theme that struck me, so I am going to run with it. This and ‘’unlearning’’ some of the preconceived ideas and prejudice we have is a very important step in becoming a teacher. Education in western society has been viewed through one lens for such a long time we are having major growing pains just trying to expand and think in different terms. The way this relates to my own teaching is being able to try and implement cross-curricular competencies including treaty education with a clean slate. I was fortunate in this sense, that my school took this seriously and taught it. I feel with my major being Physical Education it will be easier to implement first nations sports and ways of knowing into a class as they were a very active society with their own unique sports such as lacrosse.

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