ECS 210 Blog #10

My upbringing I’m sure as everyone’s does deeply affect how they view the world and how they view it should run and function. Coming from a rural conservative background the real world to me is a lot different then lots of people I have met here. When I look at someone who is successful in my mind it usually means they pout in lots of hard work, and hard work means manual labour. I do not agree with office jobs making a crazy amount of money, because you really do not work that hard. I don’t think someone who sits in a desk and does whatever all day deserves 200 grand a year like so university professors (no offence) you get paid and you don’t really do a bunch. My views on the world also comes into conflict in my faculty because I do not share the same compassion for lots of the issues people around me do. When I look at home much money our government gives away in foreign aid it drives me nuts because me have lot of problems here that need fixing first. A large chunk of northern reserves do not have running water, have poor educational faculties and our health care system is being overrun. As far as unlearning goes, this is sometimes a hard thing to do because of how deeply rooted a thought or perception can be. I think it is important as an educator to try and unlearn things that could harm students, but do not lie to yourself everyone teacher has something they believe that probably shouldn’t be shared. So, if this is true like I think it is, then I guess the best you can do is never let that stuff show. Like Mike said in a seminar a classes back, he is a racist, homophobe and all the works as most of us are to some degree the best we can do is make an effort every single day to try and unlearn the bad and commit to trying to provide anti-biased, racist and oppressive education.

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