ECS 210 Blog #8


Citizenship education when I was in school was pretty much things, I think you would attribute to your everyday person living in Canada. We talked about –

  • being a legal citizen or starting that process
  • contributing to society through working taxes, etc.
  • Sharing Canadian ideas
  • Using your right to vote

These are some of the things that we talked about and I don’t think they are that out of the ordinary. Something kind of interesting I remember from school was talking about obeying the law as part of citizenship. The reason I bring this up is that I am not aware of what the rule is in Canada, but in many states in the USA if you become a convicted criminal you lose the right to vote and voting is one of the staples of being a citizen. So, are you still a fulltime citizen or just part-time? It is difficult to imagine having your personal status in your relationship to your country change because of an action. But then again, I am in full support of removing the citizenship of people who go overseas to fight for terrorist organizations that kill thousands of people, unlike our federal government whom pays them millions and welcomes them back with open arms.

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