About me/Teaching Philosphy

footballMy name is Cole Gisi and I am a first-year education student at the University of Regina. I am majoring in Physical education with a minor in English. I am from the small town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan which has around 3500 people. My interests mostly revolve around sports so coaching and working with kids came naturally to me and became one of my favorite things to do. My biggest inspiration is my father who is a teacher and my physical education teacher/basketball coach. They installed life lesson into me through the use of school that I feel are very important and I would love to do the same to children.

My teaching philosophy is still developing as I am just starting my journey through the field of education. I would describe it as teaching the material with life lessons and responsibility included. This includes responsibility for one’s behavior, school work and the attitude they conduct themselves with each and every day. I belie a big focus should be placed not on material learned through lecture, but through research done by the student as it increases overall knowledge when one learns to understand it through their own words and viewpoint. Another big focus of my teaching philosophy is having confident and know that what you bring to the table is important and useful. Giving kids the confidence to speak their mind, engage and participate in activities and the classroom is vital to the development of smart, kind and successful young men and women.